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Doll and Babies knitting Pattern

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Craft Your Own Family of Dolls with Love!

Dive into the heartwarming journey of creating Mina, an elegant mom, and her two swaddled babies.

With each stitch, infuse your dolls with personality and charm, making them a reflection of your unique style and love.

Product Features: 

  1. Create Your Own Family: Knit Mina, an elegant mom, and her two swaddled babies, allowing you to craft a charming family of dolls.

  2. Knitting Techniques: The pattern guides you through knitting techniques, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

  3. Customization: Use any combination of yarns and colors or add personal touches to create a unique doll that reflects your individual style and love.

  4. Size: Knit Mina and her babies to your desired size, allowing you to portray sisters, brothers, or any family configuration you desire.