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Godzilla Knitting Pattern

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Godzilla Magic Unleashed!

Immerse yourself in the joy of creating this legendary creature, a true gem born from upgraded artistry.

This meticulously crafted design brings to life a more robust and textured Godzilla, elevating your yarn toy collection to new heights.

Size of the Product:

  • Height: 51 cm (or 31 cm with 2mm hook)
  • Length: 66 cm (or 40 cm with 3mm hook)

Product Features:

  • Enhanced Design: Red Godzilla boasts an upgraded, robust physique and detailed skin texture.
  • Versatile Sizes: Craft two different sizes (51 cm or 31 cm height) with ease.
  • Textured Beauty: Enjoy enhanced skin texture for a captivating appearance.
  • Creative Joy: Experience the joy of crafting a legendary Godzilla.
  • Collector's Gem: A gratitude-filled gem in your yarn toy collection.