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Magnetic Fishing Pole Crochet Pattern

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Magnetic Crochet Fun!

Ignite playfulness and coordination with our interactive set. Discover magnetic magic for little hands to reel in delight! 

This interactive play set, foster kids' skills in hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and matching. The sturdy design ensures safety, with strong magnets securely sewn into the fish and bobber.

  • Size: The finished product size varies based on yarn and hook choice. Fish: approx. 2 ½” long, Cups: approx. 1 ½” high, 2 ½” across, Pond: 9” across, Fishing Pole: 12” long.

  • Materials: Worsted weight yarn, crochet hooks (4.5mm, 3.25mm, 3.75mm, 2.25mm), safety eyes, felt scraps, fiberfill, PVC tubing or wooden dowel (12”), magnets, and various tools.

Craft a delightful play set, fostering creativity and skill development in little ones!