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Teddy Bear Knitting Pattern

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Craft Enchanting Teddy Memories!

More than just a toy, this delightful bear is an embodiment of love and warmth, making it the perfect companion for your little one.

Dive into the world of crafting with a pattern that not only guides your hands but also touches the heart.

 Size: 10.23 inches (26 cm) in height

Materials Needed:

  • Alize Angora Real 40 (Body)
  • YarnArt Jeans (Overall, Solokha)
  • YarnArt Baby Cotton (Overall, Solokha)
  • Brown, Black, White Yarn (Face)
  • Safety Eyes (10mm, 2 pcs)
  • Sewing Needle, Scissors, Glue

Each stitch is a testament to the love woven into this charming creation. Make yours now!