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3-in-1 Rose Bouquet: Blanket, Cardigan & Decor

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Craft a Rose Symphony!

Bring the timeless allure of roses into your crochet repertoire. Craft a symphony of elegance, whether it's a snug blanket, a stylish cardigan, or an eye-catching decoration.

Unleash your creativity, and let the petals of each stitch bloom into a masterpiece that transcends ordinary crochet projects.

Product Features:

  1. Versatile Elegance: Transform this crochet pattern into a blanket, cardigan, pillow, or stunning decoration for a variety of creative possibilities.

  2. Easy-to-Follow Tutorial: Enjoy a detailed, step-by-step crochet tutorial suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters, with written instructions and helpful how-to photos.

  3. Save More, Craft More: Take advantage of exclusive discounts – save 5% on 2+ patterns, 10% on 4+, and 15% on 6+ patterns with provided codes.

  4. One Size Fits All: The pattern comes in one size, offering simplicity and flexibility in your crafting journey.