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Boisterous Blue Jays Knitting Pattern

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Craft Blue Jays Purposefully

Elevate your knitting experience with these Boisterous Blue Jays, blending creativity and compassion in every stitch!

Crafted with care for a local wildlife rehab center's orphaned fledglings, this pattern features lifelike adult and fledgling California Scrub-Jays and Steller’s Jays.

Size: 36 cm

Product Features:

  1. Versatile Knitting Options: Patterns for adult and fledgling jays.
  2. Detailed Instructions: Step-by-step guidance with photo illustrations. Options for different jay species and knitting techniques.
  3. Endearing Wildlife Project: Create adorable jay companions with minimal materials. Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and nature-inspired crafting.
  4. Complete Kit Essentials: Instructions for eyes using beads or black yarn and silver thread.